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Find Your Balance in a Changing World

The pressure to adapt that many of us are experiencing these days is not imaginary.  Many of the assumptions we have relied on in the past no longer hold true.  The urgency to anticipate changes and respond effectively, are signals we need to listen to.

If you feel anxious about the changes you see happening around you or if you are experiencing circumstances that are challenging, consider how coming into deeper connection with yourself can balance and support your efforts to navigate change.

Consider that communicating with your essential self can be an effective way of coping with change.  Two powerful ways to do this are through working with your own dreams and utilizing your creativity.

Nurturing your inner life and accessing your creativity can give you a sense of power and enable you to act from a reliable center inside of you.  During times of change and crisis, it is not just an option, but a necessity to claim yourself as a grounded and creative force in your life.

Having the vision and resources to deal with challenges you may be facing can transform what is frightening and confusing into confidence and action! 

Tapping your innate power and desire can energize and motivate you.  Listening to your profound, instinctive, inner voice, seeing possibilities, identifying what you value most and knowing the direction in which your essential self wants to move can turn change into an adventure.  All this is available to you through working with your dreams and creativity.

Iím offering Creative Dream Groups and Counseling to assist you.  A group can help you explore your dreams and receive the many benefits they can offer for healing, insight, empowerment, and joy. 

We will process our dreams through meditation, art, writing, and Gestalt and Jungian-based approaches. 

You will be free to express yourself in a safe environment, glean wisdom and foresight from your dreams, and develop your creative instincts through writing, art, and sharing with others in a small group.

My groups provide opportunities to seek your own fulfillment by developing your sense of purposeful action and allowing you to express the changes you are currently going through.

In counseling, I work one-on-one with individuals seeking to address specific issues in more depth.

I keep my fees affordable.  And let me remind you that an investment in your own personal growth can never be taken away from you.  By working in the ways that I offer, you will be able to increase your well-being and your ability to navigate change. 

I am confident that you can find your strength and develop your power, foresight, and creative resources, through the services I can offer you.


Janice Lynne